The GPSticket sticker hunting scheme

For partners

No sign-up fee

You only pay for the purchase of Stickers and diaries (which are then sold at a 40% margin).

No membership fees

There is no fixed cost involved in being part of the GPSticket network. The network is wholly funded by the sale of the Stickers and diaries.

Quick and easy sign-up

All we need to get going:

  • A location image of your choice
  • Your organisation’s logo
  • A quick description of what your location is best known for

Then we will send a fully designed sticker to you for sign off. Easy!

The GPSticket network is open to:

  • Places of historic interest, castles, galleries, museums
  • Leisure destinations, parks, golf courses
  • Landmarks – allowing local retailers to stock the GPSticket
  • Events and Festivals – attracting collectors to return annually
  • Charitable and Educational organisations
  • Accommodation providers; hotels, caravan parks
  • Harbours, Ferries and destinations

Benefits to the partner location

  • A new revenue stream through sales of GPStickets and diaries
  • Access to a new, easy to manage, marketing tool
  • Exposure to a larger network and different visitor groups
  • Long lasting promotional value
  • Increase in visitor numbers
  • Charitable and Educational organisations can employ GPStickets as a unique fund raising tool
  • The location is displayed on the GPSticket interactive map with details of the attraction
  • The location will also be advertised through our promotional partners’ networks
  • Each GPSticket features the partner logo and a QR code affording quick access to the partner website
  • Unique visitor tracking data made available to each partner
Image Image

Create a sticker.

It’s easy to register and start selling your own GPStickets! Your location will feature on the GPSticket website.

Create a diary.

We can create special edition travel diaries for your area, event or organisation. Simply choose what imagery you want to appear on the front cover and get in touch with us to discuss your order requirements!


Sell stickers.

Who can sell GPStickets?

  • GPStickets can be sold exclusively at partner locations,
  • or they can be sold by retailers within the catchment area of the location
  • GPStickets cannot be purchased online, or anywhere other than the geographical area of the partner location

What are the benefits to the retailer?

  • A high profit margin on GPStickets and travel diaries
  • Increased footfall from an entirely new stream of customers
  • Attractive Counter top display unit and window stickers to promote your GPStickets