About the project

GPStickets are collectable tourism souvenirs.

Creating a unique network of tourist locations across the UK.

GPStickets are designed to get kids out and about, to educate and inform, and to support the teaching of local history and environment.

Each location in the GPSticket network has its own unique GPSticket for visitors to collect and add to their own unique GPSticket travel diary.

Whilst GPStickets are inexpensive to collect, they afford a high-margin revenue stream for partner locations, charities and events.

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About the diaries.

The diaries have space for 160 GPStickets and have plenty of space for note taking and drawing.

On your trips, stick the stickers from the places you have visited and note down memories from your trip!

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About the stickers

GPSticket locations are displayed on our website and App providing interesting tips for trips.

GPStickets are divided into four basic areas; tourism, culture, sports and food & drink.

There are then a further 40+ category icons such as Campsite, Castle, Forest, Lighthouse, etc.

The regional badge or logo is also displayed on the Sticket, alongside the location’s national flag.