About the Diaries-What you need to know

On your trips, stick the stickers from the places you have visited and note down memories from your adventure!

  • 1
    Diaries are pocket sized making them easy to take with you on your adventures 
  • 2
    Held together by wire binding makes them easy to expand as you collect your stickers
  • 3
    Each diary has space for 160 GPStickets 
  • 4
    There is an index page to allow you to create your own unique stories and adventures 
  • 5
    There’s also a smiley face system too, allowing you to rate your days out and look back on where you enjoyed visiting. 

Wire bounded

Customisable front cover


Stick the smallest part from your sticket here

Date your visit


Sign your diary

Instruction how to create your diary

The main part from  your sticket goes here

Use smiley face to rate your day

How it works